Monday, October 16, 2017

You Can Take the Girl Outta Cleveland

Hello, Internet!

My name is Sarah.  I'm a thirty-eight-year-old woman who's lived in Somerville, MA for the past fifteen years.  I moved here in 2002 to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College, a degree I completed in 2005.  But, hey, I liked it here, so I stayed.  In so many ways, I am now a Masshole, through and through, except for in one very key way:  I still root, root, root for my home team, the Cleveland Indians.  This is a blog dedicated to my fandom of this team I love very much. I mean, look at me:

What earnestness.  

I'm loyal, what can I say?

I started following the Indians when I was a kid, going to games at the old Municipal Stadium -- aka "The Mistake by the Lake."  I used to wear a big floppy straw hat and read Baby-sitters Club books on those hot, summer afternoons at the ballpark.  But by the time I was in high school, my interest in the game had caused me to look up every once in awhile during the games and before I knew it, I'd fallen in love for the first time.

Baseball is a cruel love to have.  Ask any small market team fan -- heck, any baseball fan -- and we'll all tell you the same story.  But when I was falling in love with the Cleveland Indians, it was during the 90's when first Jacobs' Field was built in 1994 and my guys went on a five year tear, winning the Central 1995-1999 and going to the World Series in both 1995 and 1997.  I have two brothers, one older and one younger, and baseball was the one thing we all could agree to watch on television.  My younger brother taught me how to throw all the different kinds of pitches and we used to play games where we'd mimic batting stances and we had to guess who the other one was.  We "talked Tribe" year around in our house and when I went off to college, it so happened that my roommate was also a rabid fan, which only further cemented the importance of Cleveland baseball in my life.  When I moved to Boston after finishing my undergraduate degree in 2002, I brought my love of the sport to this great baseball town and cheerfully endured the rolled eyes and scrupulous looks I got from friends and strangers alike as I roamed my new home representing my roots.

Fifteen years later, my love remains stronger than ever for my beloved Cleveland Indians.

This blog is dedicated to my passion for the game of baseball and to this team that has proven to be so fundamental in my experience as a person.  My guys just closed up shop far too soon on the 2017 Postseason, so I'll get this off-season started by sharing some stuff I've written over the years about the Tribe.  You can subscribe if you want to -- that way you'll never have to miss a thing, be it about current events or memorable moments from the past.  

You can certainly take the girl outta Cleveland, but you can't erase the deep love that grew out of that place.  

Start the countdown to Spring Training...  It can't come soon enough for this fan.

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